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Name of Article Bibliographic Reference
Netilat Yadayim shel Shaharit: Ritual of Crisis or Dedication? Gesher, VIII (1981)
Halakhah as Ideology Yoshevet Tzion, 1 (1983)
Modern Orthodoxy: A Fullness of Life Journal of Jewish Thought (1985). Rabbinical Council of America Jubilee Issue
Messianism: Conflicting Conceptions Religious Zionism: After 40 Years of Statehood (1989)
Mezuzah: Protective Amulet or Religious Symbol? Tradition, 16:4 (Summer 1977)
Coming to Terms with Non-Observance? to be published
Childbirth: A Covenantal Experience Sh’ma, 6/111 (April 2, 1976)